Comprehensive Eye Exams:

examroomThe comprehensive eye & vision examination is an important element in the evaluation of your overall health status.

The primary expectation of most patients who visit Capital Eye Care is to maintain clear vision. During your comprehensive eye exam, our doctors will also provide you with important disease prevention and health promotion ideas. As stated in the opening paragraph of the Home Page of our website, “Lifelong Education” is a priority for our staff and we take pride in educating our patients. Our state of the art and fully animated computer software will assist you in better understanding many eye conditions and different ways to treat them.

As primary eye care providers, our doctors have the expertise to examine, diagnose, treat and manage a wide variety of ocular pathologies. For some patients, the need for additional systemic tests (for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and others) may be detected during the comprehensive eye exam. We may need to coordinate your care with your PCPeyeparts (Primary Care Physician) and other health care providers to take care of your overall health.

In addition to screening for Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and other ocular diseases, our doctors will also provide you with an accurate prescription to update your glasses. The need for bifocals, computer glasses, reading glasses or other safety and sports glasses will be discussed in detail, so come to your appointment with all of your visual demands and questions in mind.

Contact Lens Fittings:

Contact Lens fitting is another service that we provide for our patients. We pride ourselves in providing our patients with the most advanced contact lenses on the market. The newest contact lenses that are available, will not only enhance your comfort throughout the workday, but can also allow for a clearer vision and a longer wear time.

We are proud to have a close relationship with all of the major contact lens companies in the United States and strive to provide our contact lenses for the lowest possible price to our patients.

There are two major categories of contact lenses; they include:

  1. Soft Contact Lenses
  2. Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

clsEach category has its own advantages. By far the most popular contact lenses that are prescribed today are the soft contact lenses. Soft contact lenses provide superior comfort and great convenience. our doctors will discuss with you the options that will best fit your needs. The major modalities for soft contact lenses include: Quarterly Replacement, Monthly Disposable, Two Week Disposable and Daily Disposable.

The Contact Lens Solutions that you use to clean and disinfect your contact lenses, can also make a difference on your overall contact lens experience. At the time of your contact lens fitting, please feel free to ask our doctors about any of the major solutions on the market (including the generic options). Not all solutions are the same; we will gladly educate you about the benefits of the newer solutions on the market.

Gas Permeable contact lenses can also enhance your quality of vision. For some patients the shape of the cornea or the strength of the prescription does not allow for the use of soft contact lenses. Others find that gas permeable lenses, simply provide for a clearer and more crisp vision. Gas permeable contact lenses have many advantages. If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of gas permeable contact lenses, please contact our office or ask our Doctors during your initial contact lens fitting.

Other services provided by Capital Eye Care:

Free initial LASIK Consultations
Pre/Post Operative Care for LASIK
Pre/Post Operative Care for Cataract Surgery
Eye Disease diagnosis and treatment (Including Glaucoma)
Diabetic Eye Examinations
Urgent Care visits for conjunctivitis (Pink eye) or Eye Trauma
Free glasses adjustments in our full service optical

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